Where in the world have I been?!

Posted on Feb 21, 2017 in Real Life | No Comments

It’s been so quiet on the blog you could hear a pin drop!!! But behind the scenes there’s been so much happening it’s been difficult to keep up with!

After about 2 years of working, traveling, and living the exciting life, things have finally slowed down enough to start pursuing my ultimate goal of producing my own arts & crafts line. I’m not 100% sure when I got it stuck in my head that that’s what I wanted to do, but I have notebooks going back about 5 years filled with ideas to make it happen. Finding myself with the time and resources has been the ultimate time of growth and a pretty forgiving learning curve.

The first and biggest step I took was saying it out loud!!! Telling people what your goals are is terrifying. You’re opening yourself up for criticism, completely vulnerable. But what you’re also opening yourself up to is an incredible amount of support. I’ve surprisingly had to ask, even beg for the criticism to make sure that what I’m about to put out into the world is the best it could be! That’s an incredibly encouraging problem to have. 

Since I took my first step into my little business world, I’ve had friends teach me new skills, lend me tools, introduce me to other people that can help, and guide me through the ins and outs of running a business. I’m small, I’m in the early stages of building my empire, but I am starting with the attempt of doing it all by the books! So a big thank you to all those supportive friends and family that have been doing so much handholding with me. 

So what’s been happening? You can see for yourself!!! The Etsy shop is slowly filling up with more and more products that have been stewing in my head for years. I’ve begun screen printing my own shirts, bags, and art! Button making was always a hobby in high school and college so of course it’s found its way into my daily routine. I’m working with a friend who does laser cutting for some amazing new things that I can’t wait to share (they are worth the wait! I promise). 

Currently I’m working on getting a few more art kits into production mode as well as getting some real models in those sassy t-shirts. The photoshoot planning is beyond fun! I’m doing everything from cutting out circles for my very own polkadot back drop to planning snarky drinks for my models to make the shoot into a full out party. It helps having so many pretty friends. So that’s what you can expect to see soon! Now, I’m sorry but I need to get back to work now :). 

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