Rosemary Bread

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Rosemary Bread

I’ve been on a baking kick as of late. Every time I go to bake bread, I reach out to try something new! This time I found something that looked just as good as it tasted and had to share. I found the recipe online HERE. 

The recipe was easy to follow and the results were delicious. The beautiful look came from my new proofing bowls my roommate gave me for Christmas! This was a bit of a trial and error. What I did not realize is that proofing bowls cut the proofing time in half! I ended up over-proofing my loaves, which I think made them a little denser in the end. Next time I’ll flip them out of the bowls and into the oven much sooner. 

They may not be perfect, but it’s definitely an enjoyable way to fail. We ate them warm out of the oven, and dipped them in olive oil and seasonings. I think you should do the same!







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