This little piggy got a facelift!

My friend from work gave me this little piggy. She thought of me when she found it… Should I be insulted? Well, I’m not! Excited to clean him up and give him a makeover!

Looks like this guy originally came from Target and then maybe a child, or someone with a shaky hand tried to color him in. Good news is the paint peeled right of with a little bit of scrubbing. He was painted head to toe… pictures from very begining have disappeared, but there was enough left to give you an idea.


Whoever his first owner was had the right idea, he needs some color! White doesn’t have quite the same pop as teal! This is the same shade I used on the marquee lights. I had paint left over and liked the idea of a little matchy-matchy in the apt. Besides, this is one of my favorite colors of all time. The process was incredibly simple. Scrub, spray, dry!  

TANGENT… While I was out on the sidewalk painting him, a man walked by and yelled at me, “Are you doing witchcraft?!” I looked up at him completely baffled. He shook his head at me, said, “It doesn’t work” and walked away. I laughed for the next hour! Weirdo. 



Look at the final product here… beautiful or what?


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