Or should I say TRAY awesome? An important lesson in life, spray paint and Mod Podge can give anything new life!


A coworker gave me these cute little trays when her mother moved. I knew immediately that they were getting a Gnome Work face-lift, so  I checked to make sure there was no sentimental attachment before taking them. There’s nothing worse than proudly showing your work, only to find you’ve destroyed someone’s childhood memories. Better safe than sorry!


My roommate and I are both transplants, so I thought this would be a cute, subtle way of showing off a little hometown pride for the both of us! I found retro art for each tray, Michigan for her, New Jersey for me, and California for our new shared home. I prepped and resized the images in Adobe before hitting up the printers. Kinkos is a great place to go to get the images resized, in color, on the cheap!

I had enough teal spray paint left over from the marquee lights to coat the trays. A quick coat of Mod Podge to put the maps in place… and before you know it… you’re serving up hometown pride! Get it… Serving?! I crack me up!


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