My teammate, Ferocity, is the head of the Doll Mall at the track. Last week we got together to make some more attractions to draw people over to our wonderful vendors. Starting with…. GIANT JENGA!

Easy enough to do…

You’re going to need 48 pieces, cut 10.5″ long, from 2″x4″ boards. If you’re a cute girl like my friend here, the hardware store will only charge you an extra penny to cut it all!



We sanded down the rough edges with an electric sander. You can do it by hand, but be prepared for blisters and hours of extra labor! Find an electric sander!!!!

Also, can we talk about our craft room for this project?! We went to the track during a Fresh Meat practice. There’s nothing like sanding wood while watching noobs get their skate legs. Back to the project! Our league’s colors are black and pink. Guess what colors we decided to paint the edges of the Jenga pieces… Yes! Pink and black. You’re pretty AND smart! 





Meet two more of my teammates, Vodka Toxic and Chakillra! They are expert Jenga Blockers! (Derby Joke!!! Get it?!)

It was a few hours of work, but spent in fantastic company! This project is so simple… And cheap! Tallied up, this project cost about $50. Next time you’re in the Doll Mall, challenge your favorite skater to a game of Jenga!



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