I found these tutorials (1/2) from Oh Happy Day over a year ago, and I give them all the thumbs up!!! I’ve made several of these for friends and family, and have found the possibilities are endless. She provides a template for adorable little letters, but let me show you how add different fonts into the mix! It’s so simple.

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First, I figured out the size the letters I needed. I found that a 20″ x 30″ foam board perfectly filled the designated wall space. Next, I opened Adobe Illustrator and created an art board with the same dimensions as my foam board. The fonts I used were found on FontSpace. Am I the only nerd that can spend hours searching for the perfect font? Yes? Oh well, moving right along…

Marquee-Group1 From there, it’s as easy as manipulating the fonts to fill the area. I like to fill the fonts with white, and outline in a thick stroke. It saves on ink! Precious, precious printer ink. Tape your sheets together, cut out, and tape in place on your board. From there follow her tutorial! Marquee--Group2

Another little difference with mine, I wanted to mount mine on the wall! Here’s how I did it:


  • I got an 1 1/2″ wide strip of Pine, and had it cut down to the lengths I needed.
  • I laid them out next to the letters and marked the center of each letter for the large ‘HOOCH’ (two markings per ‘H’) and the flattest points of the letters for the script ‘parlour’.
  • Break out the drill! I drilled each hole about 1/2″ from the edge of the wood.


  • Then, to be sure I made the holes in the right place on the letters… I turned my letters upside down and laid the wood across them. With a pencil, I made a mark through the hole I just drilled.
  • On each letter, cut the hole on the marking with the Xacto knife.
  • Threw some nuts, screws and L-brackets in the mix, and bing bang boom! At this point it was ready to be mounted on the wall!
  • USE a level, don’t get lazy! You want this to look good, gotta pay attention to even the little things 🙂


Side note… I was thinking about adding Ping Pong balls over the lights in the big letters. It could look a bit more like an old-timey marquee. I’m still on the fence, I’m loving how it looks right now! I may add it in the future. If you’re interested in doing that on your own, just cut a little “X” in the ball, and pop it on top of the light. Such a small step for a big WOW factor!

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