It took a nice chunk of time but I’m happy to say, not only do I have my computer back, but my programs too! Still hunting for files, but I looks like most were lost in the crash. It is what it is, no need to mope any longer.

To celebrate my reunion with technology, I made a FREE embroidery pattern for all the cool kids out there in cyber space!!! I am of the belief that everyone should have at least one Katy Perry dancing shark in their life. 

Download me at!!!

Save the image or download the file from the link below. Please share your projects with me!!! I want to see what you make.

Download me at!!!

Download me at!!!

Other things you can do to help wade me back into technology:

  • Tell your friends about this free pattern! PIN IT!!!
  • Leave a comment and say hi!
  • Follow me on Instagram and tag me (@jenypix) in your project progress pix!
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Galentine Booty
Galentine Booty
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