I’ve been working on my apartment bar for weeks now and I’m finally ready to show it off! Look it! Look it! Isn’t it beautiful?!

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Each day this week I’ll post a snippet on a different detail of my bar, from the cart to the marquee, with a few DIY’s for you to try as well. First things first… Let’s start with CHAMPAGNE!!! Nothing’s officially awesome until you spill a little bubbly on it, so let’s christen this bar!

Everyday this summer has felt like 100 degrees. I may be exaggerating, but I’m a delicate flower. I wilt in the heat! So here’s a wonderful twist on a¬†classic brunch beverage. I call it, a Shermosa! Or I guess it could be a Sormosa, depending on your preference of pronounciation! Shermosa sounds better…


Make a mimosa… Throw a scoop of sherbet on top!!! SHERMOSA! It gets all frothy and delicious and cools ya right down. I highly recommend throwing a flamingo straw in there and lounging by a pool while you sip. It’s how the cool kids do it.


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