OH, Gnome Girl! My New Etsy Store!

Posted on Oct 19, 2015 in Go Gnome | No Comments
OH, Gnome Girl! My New Etsy Store!

Every once and I while it occurs to me that my blog is being neglected. Crafting is happening, however and unfortunately, pictures and posts have not. Getting back to it! Here’s what I can share with you…

I’ve finally started my own Etsy store! It’s called Oh, Gnome Girl. I’m slowly adding items to the shop. It will soon be full of my crafts, trinkets I’ve collected, handmade clothing, art and whatnots. I’m excited to finally be part of the Etsy community.


Please check it out, tell me your thoughts, or buy something! Any combo of those three actions will work for me. Have a lovely day! 



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