Go Gnome: Renegade Craft Fair

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Go Gnome: Renegade Craft Fair
NICKELDINERThis past weekend, the lovely HappyHomewrecker and I jumped on the train and headed to DTLA for the Renegade Craft Fair! We used it as an excuse to go to my favorite breakfast spot in LA, the Nickel Diner. I have yet to order something I don’t love. Plus, they’re the kind of place that stalks your coffee mug! You take two sips, they top you back off. My kind of people!

In high school, my history teacher told me to never hold the map on a road trip. She may have been right. Even in familiar places, I seem to get turned around. This time however, I at least landed us somewhere close-by and slightly hilarious. Just up the street from the Renegade Craft Fair, there was a ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ dance party! Turns out we turned left when we should have turned right. I’m not complaining :). Happy accidents.

ON TO THE FAIR!!! I haven’t been in a few years. I swear it’s quadrupled in size! Pretty sure there were a hundred tents and twice as many vendors. We zigzagged our way through the tents, and attempted to look at everything. I bee-lined it to all the Posters, Fuzzy Monsters, and Plastic Jewelry. If my wallet would allow me, I would have bought one of everything. Alas, my wallet is not so generous, but I did manage to come home with a few treasures and a pile of business cards, aka future treasures!

*Poster and Patch were from Maiden Voyage Clothing Co. Poster glows in the dark! They had a bunch of awesome shirts as well. Definitely worth checking out. Note card is from Ink+Smog Editions. I have a thing for bridges, and this overpass in particular is my favorite one to drive under.

My favorite find at the fair were these Stuffed Yeti heads! I’m considering starting a GoFundMe to buy them all! (That’s what people do now right? They get other people to buy them shit with online fundraisers? #GoFundYourself!) Anyway, they’re really well made and I love how each one has a different personality! It’s gonna be hard to choose just one!

I’m pretty sure it was 100 degrees, so I’m 100% thankful for the homemade fruit pop vendors scattered around the fair! I for sure would have melted if it wasn’t for them. I’m gonna start looking up recipes and make some for myself. Summer never ends in LA! The heat did end up getting to us though and we dragged each other back to the train to head home. Can’t wait for the next fair in December! I’ll be counting down the days.

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