Before & After: Filing Cabinet

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Before & After: Filing Cabinet

A while back I found a free filing cabinet online and scooped it right up. The guy I got it from was shocked I even wanted it, he thought he was giving it away for scrap metal. But these suckers are hard to find at a fair price… let alone free!

Only problem with it was it was ugly, rusty, and was home to some eight legged monsters. I hate spiders! Why are they in all the best free things?!  


This metal monstrosity sat in my living room for months on end. Finally, I got sick of the eyesore and got to work!

For starters I took out an electric sander and tried to smooth down all the rusty areas. I had to do the handles by hand, but it made such a huge difference. Paint wise, I went to Lowe’s and picked up a quart of Mint green paint. This was more than enough. I probably should have just gotten one or two sample sizes. Lesson learned, next time, I’ll skimp on paint.



I hand painted the faces of the drawers. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to remove the card holders on the front. There are a couple tutorials on the interwebs but I think I just lacked the tools and strength (and patience) to get them off. So painters tape became my best friend. I should have removed the paint more promptly after painting them to keep the paint from peeling though. They’ll need a little touch up here and there, but for the most part, it doesn’t look half bad!





 For an extra little touch. I spray painted the inside of the drawers with yellow! For the most part, it will ever be seen, but it gave it a nice clean, finished look. The drawers are already filled with craft supplies. My patterns fit absolutely perfectly in the top drawer. The lower drawers are quickly filing up with fabrics, paints, glitter, and scissors. I’ll never be 100% organized, but this is a really nice start.



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