Art Walkabout: Finding a little inspiration around town.

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Art Walkabout: Finding a little inspiration around town.

Sometimes I find myself in a funk. I haven’t wanted to sew, paint, draw, cook… nuffin. I don’t know if it’s the weather or a few life changes, but the lack of inspiration started to get me down. My friend clued me into this really cool installation at Modernica by DABSMYLA called “Before and Further” and we snuck out this past Saturday to check it out.


Turns out it was just what I needed. Everything was bright, colorful and slightly cartoony. Whoever is the mastermind behind it gets me. They designed that house solely for me… and maybe my friend too.

Modernica_DABSMYLA_2 Modernica_DABSMYLA_3

We decided that she gets the bottom floor, I get the top. We move in next week. #artvagrants

Modernica_DABSMYLA_4 Modernica_DABSMYLA_5

Plus note to the side, I got to see a fiberglass chair get made. WHAT?! A real life episode of ‘How it’s Made’. MIND BOGGLED!


As if that wasn’t enough, Girl Charlee (swoon) was having a launch party for their new line of BOLT fabrics. Neither my friend or I had been to SEW LA yet, so we figured we might as well go since we were already out on the town and feeling inspired.

(No pictures. I was all pictured out by the time we were done at DABSMYLA! SORRY!)

One word over and over, CUTE cute CuTe cUte CUTE. The new Girl Charlee fabrics were adorable and I fell in love with probably 50 other fabrics while I was there too. I’m honestly pretty glad I hadn’t gotten my paycheck yet, cuz it’d all be gone if the money was already home with me. It has been decided I will go back… and I will buy everything. That is all.



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